ssh + krb5 : connection problem

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ssh + krb5 : connection problem

Hello I have a strange prob with one server :

When I try to connect using SSH + gssapi it prompt for my password and  
(in verbose mode) I have :

debug2: we sent a gssapi-with-mic packet, wait for reply
debug1: Miscellaneous failure
Generic error (see e-text)

On the krb54 log, the etexts is 16

this serveur is in sync with my ntp server and has its keytab. It has
the same configs (krb5.conf,sshd_config, ...) as all my servers.
I only have the prob with this particular server.

I recreated the keytab, restart sshd, resync with ntpd but the prob remains.

Do you have some idea ?

Thanks !
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