single sign on problem on macOS Sierra (Version10.12.3), client (Giuseppe Mazza)

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single sign on problem on macOS Sierra (Version10.12.3), client (Giuseppe Mazza)

Giuseppe Mazza
Dear Hugh,

Thank you for your reply.

On 24/03/17 16:01, [hidden email] wrote:
> Today's Topics:
>    1. Re: Kerberos Digest, Vol 171, Issue 14 (Hugh Cole-Baker)

>> I have tried to implement single-sign-on on a my macbook.
>> - has anybody manage to configure supported browsers for Kerberos sso
>> and apache on macOS clients?
> Yes, if you're using Firefox you should read
> and set the preferences mentioned on that page to whitelist the URLs
> you want to use HTTP Negotiate auth with. Firefox will not try Negotiate by
> default.

Yes, it works.

I had already tried that. It seems to me that my problem was the enctype
of my ticket granting ticket principal key was DES.
I upgraded it from DES to AES256 on my kerberos master (yes, I know:
something I had to do anyway).

Then I followed the steps in the documentation you point me to, i.e.
and Firefox on my macbook is much happier now.

Thank you again,

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