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ksu and SEAM RFE request

Heilke, Rainer
Greetings once again, everyone.

I'm sorry to bother the whole Kerberos team with this somewhat off-topic
request, but I've been asked to pass this on to the mailing list.

The newest Solaris 10 SEAM has greatly expanded its MIT Kerberos
interoperability, and we would like to move forward with its rollout.
However, Sun has not included the ksu binary, which is central to the
way we operate. We have an RFE (RFE 6255372) open with Sun, and would
ask if anyone using Solaris, and needing ksu, would kindly add their
names to the RFE. Most Sun engineers we've dealt with on this issue seem
to feel RBAC is the answer, but do not seem to understand that the way
we use ksu and its single sign-on functionality is not covered by RBAC.
We, in turn, cannot understand this, nor why Sun would refuse to add one
small binary to come closer to complete MIT compatibility. Since we also
run RedHat with MIT Kerberos, this interoperability is even more
important for us.

Thank you for your time.

Rainer Heilke
Unix Systems Administrator
Phone:  780-420-7806
Fax:  780-420-3939
Email:  [hidden email]

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