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[krbdev.mit.edu #7951] Add libkdb5 APIs for kadm5 principal tl-data

Jeffrey Arbuckle via RT
FreeIPA maintains the policy name reference internally, and hand-
marshals an osa_princ_ent_t value containing the policy name (with
the other fields set to trivial values).  I note this to affirm that
we need to expose a marshalling function, not just an unmarshalling

The libkadm5_srv XDR code for osa_princ_ent_t
(lib/kadm5/srv/adb_xdr.c) depends on kadmin protocol XDR code
(lib/kadm5/kadm_rpc_xdr.c) in several ways.  The dependencies are:


We cannot use libkadm5srv functions (public or private) from libkdb5
because it would create a dependency cycle.  So simply moving the
osa_princ_ent_t XDR code to libkdb5 requires us to resolve these

xdr_nullstring is a 48-line function.  It is similar to xdr_string(),
but it adds one to the string length and encodes the string
terminator.  Null strings are then marshalled as a zero length with
no following bytes.  We could conceivably push this into librpc,
although there is nothing equivalent in libtirpc or Solaris's RPC.

xdr_krb5_kvno() is just xdr_u_int().  For xdr_krb5_int16 and
xdr_krb5_ui_2, we could abuse xdr_short() and xdr_u_short() (already
done in plugins/kdb/db2/pol_xdr.c for policy n_tl_data) or, more
correctly, we could add 16-bit integer XDR functions to complement
our 32-bit integer functions.  libtirpc and Solaris do have 16-bit
XDR functions; unfortunately, our existing 32-bit XDR integer
function names do not match theirs.  We have xdr_int32() and
xdr_u_int32().  libtirpc has xdr_int32_t(), xdr_u_int32_t(), and
xdr_uint32_t().  Solaris has xdr_int32_t() and xdr_uint32_t().

Alternatively we could rewrite the osa_princ_ent_t code using k5buf
and k5input.  Because XDR variable-length objects are 32-bit aligned,
this code would be more fiddly than usual and there would be some
risk of incompatibility.
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