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Greg Hudson via RT
Add operating system version check to ensure it is not
installed on Windows 95, 98, ME or NT 4.0

Break out the license text into its own file

Restructure the installer to allow either NetIdMgr or Leash
to be selected (by transform only) as the credentials manager.
The default is to use NetIdMgr.

Commit By: jaltman

Revision: 17533
Changed Files:
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/config.wxi
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/custom/custom.cpp
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/custom/custom.h
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/features.wxi
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/files.wxi
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/kfw.wxs
A   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/lang/license.rtf
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/lang/strings_1033.wxl
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/lang/ui_1033.wxi
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/property.wxi

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