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Greg Hudson via RT
The changebar.sty file found in the doc directory has questionable
licensing.  In particular, it is not the same changebar.sty found in
CTAN and has no well defined license specified in the file.  Since we
do not actually need changebar.sty, remove it.

Commit By: hartmans

Revision: 17363
Changed Files:
U   trunk/doc/ChangeLog
U   trunk/doc/api/ChangeLog
U   trunk/doc/api/Makefile
D   trunk/doc/api/changebar.sty
U   trunk/doc/api/library.tex
U   trunk/doc/implement/ChangeLog
U   trunk/doc/implement/Makefile
D   trunk/doc/implement/changebar.sty
U   trunk/doc/implement/implement.tex
U   trunk/doc/kadm5/api-funcspec.tex
U   trunk/doc/kadm5/api-server-design.tex
D   trunk/doc/kadm5/changebar.sty

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