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Greg Hudson via RT
>From David Omar

I do not know if this medium of approach is welcomed considering what is going around the world today and since I do not know the actual relationship between you and my late father; Mr. Luis Omar.

I have discussed this issue with my mother Fatima before contacting you through this address we saw in his diary as we believe he could have been in business with his foreign contacts and associates as a big farmer he was until his assassinated by the political thugs of the Zimbabwean government.

Actually our intension is to relocate to your country and invest a sum of US$20M he left in a private vault in South Africa, which we are asking you to aid us in this transaction.

If after going through the information I shall supply to you upon your positive response and you do not wish to continue, I will be glad that at least you honored the call from the family of a late friend may be.

For some reasons we cannot go about this on our own, but all these I will explain if the opportunity is given to me.
Please call me on +27-836951040
David Omar (Son).

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