krb5 from MIT and Win2003 Server AD and client login..

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krb5 from MIT and Win2003 Server AD and client login..

Lars Schimmer-4
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I've got a domain here with some linux and some windows XP SP2 clients.
I setup a OpenAFS Cell, a windows 2003 server AD and a mit krb5 server
on linux.
All PCs should obtain access to the OpenAFS cell, so I planned all users
to obtain a realm on the mit krb5 server.
And the users should obtain tickets/tokens autmoatic on login.
On Windows I've got a problem:
The users  can login to the domain/AD with their userID and get a
ticket. But it seems that ticket is NOT from the linux MIT krb5 server,
instead from the krb5-AD-windows-server. so the users doesn't obtain a
token for AFS.
How can I change this in that way, that every user of the domain obtain
a ticket from the linux-krb5-server and a token for OpenAFS?
Or is there a way for the AD server to let the user get tickets from AD
server and obtain tokens automatic with this ticket?
Any hints, urls, FAQs..?

Cya & thx
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