kpasswd and Solaris 9 with v1.4.0

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kpasswd and Solaris 9 with v1.4.0

Here is an interesting one.

I have a server with two network interfaces... hme0 and ge0 with four IP address.  See route table:

Routing Table: IPv4
  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref   Use   Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ------ ---------         U         1 146370  ge0         U         1      0  ge0:1         U         1  40503  hme0:1         U         1      0  hme0
default              UG        1  52689              UH       813527529  lo0

I performed a kpasswd on ibsscanell with the following results:

[ibsscanell:~] scanell% kpasswd scanell
Please enter the old password for [hidden email]:
Please enter the new password for [hidden email]:
Verifying, please re-enter the new password for [hidden email] again:
Kerberos Change Password Failed: Incorrect net address

Looking at the kerberos master server I see the following network traffic:

snoop -d hme0 ibsscanell
Using device /dev/hme (promiscuous mode)
  ibsscanell -> tmr-ibs      UDP D=88 S=49179 LEN=180
     tmr-ibs -> ibsscanell   UDP D=49179 S=88 LEN=248
  ibsscanell -> tmr-ibs      UDP D=88 S=49180 LEN=266
     tmr-ibs -> ibsscanell   UDP D=49180 S=88 LEN=591
  ibsscanell -> tmr-ibs      UDP D=88 S=49181 LEN=180
     tmr-ibs -> ibsscanell   UDP D=49181 S=88 LEN=248
  ibsscanell -> tmr-ibs      UDP D=88 S=49182 LEN=266
     tmr-ibs -> ibsscanell   UDP D=49182 S=88 LEN=591
  ibsscanell -> tmr-ibs      UDP D=464 S=49184 LEN=563
     nbs-nfs -> ibsscanell   UDP D=49184 S=464 LEN=236

Anyone with any ideas????


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