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Robbie Harwood
Hello kitten, time for more administrivia.

I have advanced draft-ietf-kitten-sasl-saml-ec as shepherd, so it seems
like a good time to examine the documents we're tracking.  The documents
currently in our purview from last year are, by state:

# Published document:
    - rfc8636 (formerly draft-ietf-kitten-pkinit-alg-agility)

# Submitted:
    - sasl-saml-ec (as of today)
    - krb-spake-preauth (awaiting CFRG draft decisions)

# Waiting on updates from authors:
    - channel-bound-flag (needs redesign and implementation updates)

# Waiting on additional reviews (just mail your review to the list):
    - gssapi-extensions-iana:
    - kerberos-iana-registries:
    - krb-service-discovery:

# Parked:
    - kerberos-iana-registries (I was unable to contact Taylor, so this
      needs an editor or possibly an author)

# Dead & abandoned:
    - iakerb (no protocol adoption or working group interest)

If there is an item on the list you consider important which someone
else wrote, please review it if you have not.

We also need people to shepherd documents: if you're willing to review a
document, it's not much more work to shepherd it (just writing your
review in the proper format and making sure authors reply to any
feedback).  Please reach out if you'd like to shepherd any of these
(chair hat off: especially krb-service-discovery, because I can't
shepherd that one).

Additionally, if there are any I-Ds we should adopt, or that you're
willing to spend time on writing, feel free to discuss that downthread.


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