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Judy Bromley
Dear IANA Customer,

ICANN strives to continuously improve its delivery of the IANA functions. In mid-September, we invited you to participate in the 2016 Annual Customer Survey. We have not heard from you yet and would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete the survey before it closes on October 21, 2016.

This short survey is being managed by Ebiquity, an independent research firm. Ebiquity is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all respondents, in line with the Code of Conduct of ESOMAR and CASRO. This means data is reported to ICANN in aggregate, so that all opinions are confidential and not attributed to any specific individual.

Please complete the survey hosted at https://www.ebiquityinsights.com/E0210/index.pl?surveynumber=67389 which will remain open until October 21, 2016. ICANN will summarize the results and publish the summary in December 2016.

We appreciate your time and helping us improve the delivery of the IANA functions.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [hidden email] or Marilia Hirano at [hidden email].

Yours sincerely,

Judy Bromley
Account Director, Ebiquity

If you would not like to receive further emails about this research project please reply to this message and type REMOVE in the subject line.

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