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Jeffrey Hutzelman
Minutes from IETF64 have been posted on the IETF web site.  Please review
them and send any comments.  The dealine for corrections to minutes is
Monday, December 26.

I had hoped this week to receive the reviews we're waiting for from members
of the security directorate, and then to write up this document and send it
to the IESG.  Unfortunately, I've not yet received the reviews.  Sam has
pinged the reviewers, and asked others to contribute.

Sam's post earlier this week reminds me that I'm also supposed to write up
and send in the enctype negotiation document, which was ready as of IETF64.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to have time in the next few days to get to
either document.  We had a major flood in our machine room on Monday, and
we've been working long days since then to restore service.  While there
was no damage to machines in the main machine room, water did rise to the
level of the floor, destroying power and communications cabling below the
floor.  We are having to completly replace power wiring for the entire
room, all of the air conditioning, and some communications cabling as well.
While that work is being performed by contractors, we still have a lot of
work to do to restore service after they are done.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, at which point I'll be able
to do writeups of the remaining documents.  In the meantime, please bear
with me.

-- Jeff
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Re: Updates...

Sam Hartman-5
Good luck with your machine room work.

If you have not received pkinit reviews by the time you are ready to
look at it, then please send it on anyway.  I can try harder on the
reviews during two week ietf last call and that will allow us better