Specify [realms] for heimdal in Network Identity Manager

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Specify [realms] for heimdal in Network Identity Manager

Harald Barth-2

This is a question about NIM which I learned is based on Heimdal

I tried to specify custom realm settings for NIM.

So I went to the Options->Kerberosv5 and edited the
file mentioned there. However, even if I write
someting completely silly there like

     kdc = tcp/

NIM still can obtain tickets which it in my opinion should not, especially if I have

  dns_lookup_kdc = false

So is this file ignored?

Is the config somewhere else?

What I actually want to config is

   kdc = http/

Which works fine in the normal Heimdal distro.

I am trying as well to change the default realm setting in NIM but
ATHENA.MIT.EDU keeps coming back.