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Nebergall, Christopher
Did anyone have any luck with GSSAPI in SMTP and POP?  This suggests
that they support it.

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>something that will eventually not work anyway.  The funny thing is, if

>you are going to store passwords on your Microsoft AD server acting as
>a KDC, then what is the point of having a KDC in the first
>terms of Microsoft authentication?  This is why I say that Microsoft
>uses Kerberos just to appease the 'nix natives.  It certainly has
>little use in their own products.

To be fair to Microsoft ... they do seem to use Kerberos in a number of
places.  E.g., their instant messaging protocol is Kerberized (I
verified that with a network sniffer).  From my conversations with
Microsoft people, the reason Exchange doesn't do GSSAPI-authenticate
IMAP really seems to be more tied up in lack of interest in the Exchange
group (for what reason, I dunno).

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