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Kerberos keytab question

Manel Euro

I have the following configuration:

I have two realms, A.ABC.COM and B.ABC.COM and one openldap dit
I have the master openldap server in location A with the following entry in  
A.ABC.COM realm database: ldap/[hidden email] and the respective
keytab on the master ldap server.
I have the slave openldap server in location B with a krb5.keytab with an
entry for ldap/[hidden email].

I am setting replication between the two sites with a Kerberos principal
called replicator.
My question is: can I use the same keytab to hold the keys to the same
service but for different realms?

I will install a realm ABC.COM to have hierarchical relation ships but for
now I wanted to have the above configuration.

Best regards,


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