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Kerberos authentication

Bellamy Baron
Hi All,

I have considered using Kerberos authentication with SPNEGO. From what I
have found out, this could be theoretically done by integrating:
SPNEGO java filter [1]
I adapted the old class from [2]

Although I have not tested it, I suspect it should work just fine.

My project has a requirement to use Kerberos, and I had to settle with CAS
(SPNEGO). I have considered using this file, but I wanted to avoid
maintenance problems during the upgrades.

It would be nice to know what do MIT People think about that. Having to use
CAS to enable SPNEGO is just an overkill.

Alternatively, there could be a JAAS authentication module, which has the
capabilities to authenticate users through Kerberos.



Best regards

Developer - iWYZE
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