KDC doesn't appear to open a port

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KDC doesn't appear to open a port

Maxwell Bottiger

I'm pretty new to kerberos, so please excuse me if this is a simple
question. I'm using Fedora 4 with the preinstalled rpms as my source. I
think the version is krb5-server-1.4.1-5.

Anyway, the funny thing is, I can't see my KDC. If I start the services
krb5admin and krb5kdc services, only the kerberos-admin service opens a
socket. krb5kdc executes, and it stays resident, but never actually opens up
port 88.

The relevent part of my krb5.conf file looks like this:
kdc = jive-turkey.net:88 <http://jive-turkey.net:88>
admin_server = jive-turkey.net:749 <http://jive-turkey.net:749>
default_domain = jive-turkey.net <http://jive-turkey.net>

Has anyone else had this problem? I can't see anything out of place in the
log files.
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