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Heimdal 1.3.0 and 1.3.1

Love Hörnquist Åstrand
Hello all,

It was over a year ago last release was made, today we have published 1.3.1. We already released 1.3.0 last week but was never announced it.


Here is summary of change that included in the release:

Release Notes - Heimdal - Version Heimdal 1.3.1

 Bug fixes

 - Make work with OpenLDAPs krb5 overlay

Release Notes - Heimdal - Version Heimdal 1.3

 New features

 - Partial support for MIT kadmind rpc protocol in kadmind
 - Better support for finding keytab entries when using SPN aliases in the KDC
 - Support BER in ASN.1 library (needed for CMS)
 - Support decryption in Keychain private keys
 - Support for new sqlite based credential cache
 - Try both KDC referals and the common DNS reverse lookup in GSS-API
 - Fix the KCM to not leak resources on failure
 - Add IPv6 support to iprop
 - Support localization of error strings in
   kinit/klist/kdestroy and Kerberos library
 - Remove Kerberos 4 support in application (still in KDC)
 - Deprecate DES
 - Support i18n password in windows domains (using UTF-8)
 - More complete API emulation of OpenSSL in hcrypto
 - Support for ECDSA and ECDH when linking with OpenSSL

 API changes

 - Support for settin friendly name on credential caches
 - Move to using doxygen to generate documentation.
 - Sprinkling __attribute__((deprecated)) for old function to be removed
 - Support to export LAST-REQUST information in AS-REQ
 - Support for client deferrals in in AS-REQ
 - Add seek support for krb5_storage.
 - Support for split AS-REQ, first step for IA-KERB
 - Fix many memory leaks and bugs
 - Improved regression test
 - Support krb5_cccol
 - Switch to krb5_set_error_message
 - Support krb5_crypto_*_iov
 - Switch to use EVP for most function
 - Use SOCK_CLOEXEC and O_CLOEXEC (close on exec)
 - Add support for GSS_C_DELEG_POLICY_FLAG
 - Add krb5_cc_[gs]et_config to store data in the credential caches
 - PTY testing application

 - Make building on AIX6 possible.
 - Bugfixes in LDAP KDC code to make it more stable
 - Make ipropd-slave reconnect when master down gown