Case 834280 Installing Eudora for two accounts

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Case 834280 Installing Eudora for two accounts

Dee Ippen
New G5 with OS 10.4.  I need to have two Eudora accounts on this
machine. . . .Moved old Eudora settings (for both accounts) over from
old G4, then downloaded Eudora from MIT.  Also downloaded MIT Eudora
6.1 Prefs.  Have account #1 fully operational.   On the account #2, I
am unable to check mail.  I can send it.   We both use this computer
under one user name.

I notice that the settings icons inside #2's Eudora folder look
different, and in Get-Info they are 64KB in size.  Account#1 icons
look like two stamped envelopes, and in Get-Info they're 76 KB in
size -- which makes me think something's missing.

When I tried to check mail on acct #2, I got the following . . .
"Error while checking mail for <Dominant>  Couldn't open
mailbox.In.temp (-5000); an unknown error has occurred {45:214}."
The last two times I tried to check mail on that account, it said
"no new mail,"  but I had sent something as a test.

Can you solve this one?
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