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CVS Commit

Greg Hudson via RT
 - Updates all strings

 - Creates shortcuts for netidmgr.exe and netidmgr.chm

 - Adds KFW Logon Network Provider

Known bugs:

 - the old Leash Documentation PDF still has a shortcut

 - specifying the WorkingDirectory does not work

Commit By: jaltman

Revision: 17520
Changed Files:
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/custom/custom.cpp
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/custom/custom.h
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/features.wxi
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/files.wxi
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/kfw.wxs
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/lang/ui_1033.wxi
U   trunk/src/windows/installer/wix/site-local.wxi

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