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Greg Hudson via RT
The Logon Network Provider works like the OpenAFS Integrated
Logon.  It uses the username entered by the user and the
default realm obtained from krb5.ini and the user entered
password.  If possible, tickets are obtained and imported
into the user's CCAPI credential cache.

Commit By: jaltman

Revision: 17518
Changed Files:
U   trunk/src/windows/ChangeLog
U   trunk/src/windows/
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/kfwcommon.c
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/kfwcpcc.c
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/kfwcpcc.rc
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/kfwlogon.c
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/kfwlogon.def
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/kfwlogon.h
A   trunk/src/windows/kfwlogon/kfwlogon.rc

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