Any Comment on VA Security Plan?

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Any Comment on VA Security Plan?

Nancy E. Anthracite, MD
The Department of Veterans Affairs has invited the open source community to
comment on its plans for two aspects of their software related to healthcare.
I am hoping someone will be willing to look at their security plans for
authentication.  To my eyes, and I know almost nothing about this, it appears
that they are crippling their ability by using Windows 2008 server.  They have
Red Hat Linux in many sites now, so I was wondering if they would be better off
replacing their Windows 2008 server with a Linux solution.  I also know too
little to know if there any aspects of this plan that need changes.  I decided
that since the VA healthcare software is used heavily in my community, I would
ask for help from the experts in your community with this other subject we
know a lot less about.

I have put this link to the document because I am not sure if this list allows
posting of documents.

There is supposed to be an open discussion about the VAs plans next Monday at
4 PM Eastern.  If anyone feel they have something that should be commented on
at the session or by an email, or you have questions, please contact me and I
will try to help answer your questions or help you provide comments where they
are most likely to do some good.

P.S., if you find the use of the term Design Patterns disturbing, so do the
other developers I know, but they have largely chosen to bite their tongues
except in private!

Thank you for your consideration.

Nancy E. Anthracite, MD
[hidden email]
240-793-7436 (cell)
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