AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop 2005

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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop 2005

Jeffrey Hutzelman
                              The Second Annual
                       AFS & Kerberos
           Best Practices Workshop

                              June 20-24, 2005
  Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA


  Purpose of the Workshop:
  * To bring together AFS and Kerberos novices and experts
  * To learn about AFS and Kerberos tools
  * To learn about AFS and Kerberos best practices

  Target Audience:
  * People interested in AFS & Kerberos
  * AFS and Kerberos administrators: novices and experienced

  One week of AFS and Kerberos content, including:

  * One day tutorial "Introduction to AFS and its Best Practices" on June 20
  * One day tutorial "Introduction to Kerberos" on June 21
  * Three days of talks including:
     * KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Mike Kazar, NetApp
  One of the original writers of the filesystem now known as
  AFS, Mike Kazar is still in the "filesystems" business.
   * Contributed talks (30-45min)

  Possible Topics include, but are not limited to:

  * OpenAFS and Arla development status reports
  * MIT Kerberos and Heimdal development status reports
  * AFS best practices (volume naming, directory hierarchy, volume sizes,
  * AFS weaknesses (locking, ACLs on files, ...)
  * AFS performance tuning (client side, server side)
  * Benchmarking AFS
  * AFS server scaling and HW recommendations
  * AFS service monitoring
  * Migration experiences
  * AFS and Kerberos 5:
      * How to install a new cell from scratch
      * Migration from kaserver to MIT Krb5
      * Migration from kaserver to Heimdal Krb5
  * Kerberos 5 and Windows Active Directory working together
  * AFS related tools (AFS Perl, Java API, scripts, ...)
  * Kerberos related tools
  * AFS and backup (scripts, amanda, TSM, ...)
  * AFS, Kerberos and Web integration
  * Delegation of AFS administration
  * AFS on non-Unix platforms (Windows, Mac OS X)
  * Commercial support

  Please send questions to: [hidden email].

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